Tuesday, May 5, 2009

White Fleet Award

Andrew, Tim, Mike M, and I have been discussing for several weeks the
idea of introducing a 'white sail' award. The idea behind this award
is to make racing relevant to everybody who is a member of our
association, not just those who have the experience and resources to
recruit a full regular crew for a consistent racing performance. I
want to see people out racing even if they are shorthanded, have small
kids as part of their crew, or are just not comfortable using the
spinnaker for whatever reason. To this end, we are going to be trying
out a new 'white sail' award this year. The conditions are as follows:

1. For each event, we will have one individual white sail trophy which
will be engraved with the event name and date. It will be something
nice, but also utilitarian. Currently I am planning on using either
pint glasses or highball glasses. The idea is that you would be able
to have a series of them for the whole year.

2. Only one 'white sail' participant must register in order to win the
award. This means if you are the only white sail participant, you will
get the award.

3. If more than one 'white sail' participant registers, the event
winner will be determined using the low point system. Weekend events
will be scored as one event. For example, Oxford race and Hammond will
be scored together. Tiebreakers will be applied as prescribed in the
racing rules, or at the judgment of the racing commodore if the racing
rules are insufficient to break a tie.

4. At the end of the season, the overall 'white sail' winner will be
determined using a high point system. The person who wins the most
non-spin trophies through the season will win the overall award. This
person will be recognized at the annual dinner with a new, perpetual,
white sail trophy that we are going to commission this year. It is
going to be a nice trophy.

5. Registering as a 'white sail' participant requires that you notify
the racing commodore by e-mail of your intention to compete as a
'white sail' competitor the day before the regatta begins. You must
still register with the regatta's organizing authority as all other
competitors. The 'white sail' award is organized solely by the A30
associaton and so it has nothing to do with the regular regatta awards
and organization provided by the hosting club. You just have to
register for the event as usual, then notify me that you will be
competing for the white sail award.

6. We will have one 'white sail only' event which is going to be a
race from Swan Creek to Baltimore the weekend of the Orioles cruise
(7/11). This will be a non high-point event, but we may make it a high
point race next year if it is a success. Details and the NOR will come
out when I can make time to write them. This event will be
incorporated into the summer cruise and the orioles cruise.

7. You may compete for both 'white sail' and regular awards, but not
at the same event. If you declare as a white sail participant, then
decide to use your spinnaker, you will be ineligible for the award and
will not be allowed to compete for future white sail awards in the
current season.

Please feel free to ask if you have questions. As this is a new idea,
we welcome your feedback.

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