Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2019 Racing Scheduling Meeting
at PSA on 2018-11-11 at 2PM.
Note: Date was incorrect, read "2019-11-11".  Date corrected to "2018-11-11" on 2019-02-07.

  1. NOOD -- race as before -- no changes suggested. 
  2. Annapolis to Miles River
    • Suggested options:
      1. Combine with the Memorial Day Cruise as a JAM (Jib and Main) with the expectation that the cruisers will join. Still a sanctioned, highpoint event. JAM and Spin would race together as the A 30 Fleet and each Fleet awarded separately.  
      2. OR Delete from the schedule.
  3. Moonlight -- race as before -- no changes suggested. 
  4. Ted Osius -- race as before -- no changes suggested. 
  5. Boomerang -- 48NM at night is a long and painful race. 
    • Suggested options:
      1. Delete from the schedule. Replace with the MRSA July Race to Baltimore and the Rock Creek Racing Assoc Francis Scott Key Regatta. Good party on Saturday night.
      2. OR Have EYC shorten the race to 25NM.
  6. NASS Oxford -- race as before -- no changes suggested. 
  7. Hammond Regatta -- race as before -- no changes suggested. 
  8. Rankin Regatta -- increase the number of highpoint races that are widely attended
    • Suggested change:
      • Make each race (if possible) 4NM to meet the CBYRA Highpoint requirement.
  9. Rock Hall
    • Suggested change:
      • Make the race a cruiser/racer event by being JAM to get “everyone” out for a great party at the end.
  10. Fall Cruise Regatta -- Fall Cruise and Race Meet Up
    • Suggested change:
      • A sanctioned event where the race is to the 1st rendezvous point for the Fall Cruise. The “PRO/Signal Boat” anchors/hovers near a government mark to start the race and then joins the race with a one (1) minute “handicap”.