Thursday, June 18, 2009

WNR 6/16/09

After 3 consecutive weeks of canceled Wednesday night racing, last night we were blessed with a strong easterly breeze and cool temperatures in the mid 60's. Under a steelhead sky that was full of foreboding clouds, and reefs in all our mains, the fleet set off in 15-20 kts of breeze for the first mark. The beat was pretty shifty in both velocity and direction. Tim Williams made it to the mark well in first place and with a pretty smooth spinnaker set, he had a strong lead. We traded places with Brian and TC and somehow managed to pass both of them from behind to round the mark in 2nd. I think this was due in no small part to the wicked good scramblas on my crew who scrambled back and forth always to the windward rail. With a crew of 9, we had plenty of beef to keep her upright. Also, I had a cracka of a main trimma in Rachel Meinhold who was workin the sheet and the travla like a masta.

After the mark rounding, we all turned downwind for the run back to the haaaba. Brian and I elected to forego using the kite by choice. TC elected to forego it because he had a little shrimping expedition during the beat and I'm not sure whether his kite or his crew was more damaged. Anyway, he also decided to forego using his kite, so the 3 of us were in a white sail race for the can, and we rounded in the same order: me, Brian, and TC. Brian was hot on our tail at the mark and went higher, but we were able to scrape him off by the time we got to the harbor can. However, he went high on us again and somehow (we could not figure out how for the life of us!) he kept being just a little faster than we were. He managed to get an overlap on us and was entitled to room at the bulkhead (a subject about which I had some discussion with one of his crew who I later realized was Geoff Becker the sailing coach at Washington College who knows a lot more about rules than I do...) but somehow he slowed down immediately after establishing the overlap and decided to change tactics and go low. In the end, we had a close photo finish with Me narrowly nipping Brian for 2nd and Brian narrowly getting TC for 3rd. I think we all finished within about 15 seconds of each other. But you can see for yourselves as complete results are available at:

Congratulations to Tim Williams on his win!

Division: Alberg 30 (8 boats) (top)

Pos Sail Boat Skipper 1 Total
1 244 LinGin Nurco, Virginia 1 1.00 1
2 287 Calliope Bergquist, John 2 2.00 2
3 288 L'Espirit Palmer, Brian 3 3.00 3
4 247 Argo Williams, T.C. 4 4.00 4
5T 152 Andante pipkin, mark 5/DNC 5.00T 5T
5T 197 Laughing Gull Adams, Jonathan 5/DNC 5.00T 5T
5T 308 Asylum Adelman, Allan 5/DNC 5.00T 5T
5T 484 Second-2-Nun Bluntschli, Ralph 5/DNC 5.00T 5T

Here are some pix:

Julia manages the winged-out jib with Brian P over her shoulder.

Not a view I often get...TC so far behind me I have trouble reading his sail #. Note crack main trimmer Rachel Meinhold keeping an eye on the competition for me.
2 of my wicked good scramblas keeping the boom where it's supposed to be.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Syronelle 2009

The Great Lakes Alberg Association ( ) hosted a wonderful weekend in Toronto full of racing, touring and Canadian hospitality. The weather was good, the winds were fair and the competition friendly.

Although we were team racing, and our American team came in third of three, Harry Gamber had the best overall single boat record in the three races. Sailing The Answer with owner Rick Kent aboard and his crew of Hans Jorgensen and Jim Davis, Harry had two seconds and a first in the five-boat, three-race regatta. Mike Meinhold, Sandy and Ray Meyer and Rachel Meinhold were aboard Viva II with owner Janski's (Jan Grodinski) boat, and at least were consistent with fifth place throughout. This was Janski's first racing experience, and he is already planning on loaning his boat next year and has ideas for improving performance! Janski does a lot of single-handing and his boat is very well set up for that. I saw a lot of improvements that I would like to apply to Rinn Duin. It's great to spend time sailing other Alberg 30s -- it seems there is always something to learn about the boat.

Also there for the weekend from the Chesapeake were Sandy Davis, Jacqueline Burke, Pat Meinhold and Max Meinhold. Phoebe Campell gave the Meinholds a fantastic tour of the town, and all these visitors took in the "Sound of Music" production at the Prince of Wales theater. We were treated to an excellent pot-luck dinner at Rick and Selena Kent's home on Friday night, and to dinner at the Mimico Cruising Club with grand views of the lake on Saturday Night. Mimico was a lovely venue for the regatta, and our thanks go the members for allowing us to use it, and the race committee for a well-run regatta.

Thanks go to Rick and Selena Kent for hosting the Friday night get-together, to Phil Birkenheier for hosting Ray and Sandy Meyer at his home, and to Phoebe Campbell for guiding Pat and the kids through Toronto. Special thanks to Don Campbell for all of his coordination and efforts in making a wonderful weekend all around. We look forward to seeing our Great Lakes friends here on the Chesapeake in October.

Here are the results of the 2009 Syronelle races sailed 13 and 14 June 2009 at the Mimico Cruising Club in Toronto, Ontario, as compiled and tabulated by the MCC Race Committee . Team standings were done by Don Campbell.

The teams were Gemini (Birkenheier) and White Opal (Campbell) as GLAA 1 LindisFarne (Watters) as a wildcard GLAA 2. Viva II (Meinhold) and The Answer V (Gamber) as the Chesapeake 1

Course indicates the numbers of the octagonal buoy system outside of Humber Bay. Buoy 9 is in the center, with the 8 others evenly spaced on a 0.75 NM radius circle

Saturday June 13th

Saturday June 13th:
10:30 Marine forecast: Winds light, Chance of showers, Waves <1m.
Conditions: Wind 350° -010° 4 - 7 knots seas flat

Course 9-6-5-9-5
Start time: 11:30

Gemini 12:39:00 1 1:09:00 00:00:00
The Answer V 12:39:50 2 1:09:50 00:00:50
White Opal 12:41:30 3 1:11:30 00 02:30
LindisFarne 12:50:52 4 1:20:52 00:11:52
Viva II 12:53:56 5 1:23:56 00:14:56

Sunday June 14
Wind 170°-192° 4-7 knots seas flat
Course 9-6-5-9-5
start time 13:30:00

White Opal 14:34:43 1 1:04:43 00:00:00
The Answer V 14:37:24 2 1:07:24 00:02:41
LindisFarne 14:47:54 3 1:17:54 00:13:11
Gemini 14:53:59 4 1:23:59 00:19:16
Viva II 14:54:53 5 1:24:53 00:20:10

Team results

LindisFarne drew 1 card from a group of 8 (4- 10s and 4 - 2s) three times. White Opal was 2 and Gemini was 10. Each draw was a 10 so the second GLAA team was LindisFarne and Gemini

Team Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
White Opal /Gemini 3+1 1+4 2+4 15
LindisFarne / Gemini 4+1 3+4 3+4 19
The Answer V / Viva II 2+5 2+5 1+5 20

Notice of Race: Orioles White Sail Race

1. Rules:
1.1: The regatta will be governed by the 'rules' as defined in the 2009-2012 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing including the prescriptions of US Sailing (RRS) and the class rules of the Chespeake Bay Alberg 30 One Design Association, except as any of these are altered by the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions or any amendments thereto, provided however that as between any boat which is racing and any which is not, the inland rules shall apply.
1.2 RRS 63.7 is replaced by: "If there is a conflict between a rule in the Notice of Race and a rule in the Sailing Instructions, the rule in the Sailing Instructions and any amendments thereto, shall take precedence"

2. Organizing Authority:
2.1 The Organizing Authority for this regatta is the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One Design Association.

3. Eligibility and Entry
3.1 Eligibility for the Alberg 30 one design class is limited to any Alberg 30 sailboat that is in compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One Design Association class rules. Eligibility for the ‘everybody else’ division is restricted only to sailboats of sufficient construction maintaining adequate safety gear.
3.2 The entry fee for CBA30ODA members will be $10 and must be submitted by check or cash to the Racing Commodore by 7/7/2009. Make checks payable to 'Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One Design Association'. The entry fee for non-CBA30ODA members is $15.
3.3 There will be 2 classes of entrants: Those having class legal Alberg 30's, and everybody else. The 'everybody else' division will be scored by handicap determined by the whim of the organizing authority.
3.4 Only upwind 'white' sails may be used. Spinnakers are not permitted. Whisker poles are allowed. For the Alberg 30 one design class, sails are limited to the main, number 1, number 2 and number 3, as defined in the class rules. For ‘everybody else’ sails are limited to a main, mizzen, and headsails with a mid-girth of less than or equal to one half of the foot dimension.

4. Schedule
4.1 The event will take place on 7/11/2009.
4.2 All boats must start at a time of their choosing but between the times of 0900 and 1100 EST (GMT+5) on 7/11/2009.
4.2 All boats must finish before the hour of 1500 EST on 7/11/2009.

5. The Course, Start and Finish
5.1 The course will use government marks.
5.2 The starting mark shall be rounded or passed to starboard and will consist of GC "3" near the mouth of Swan Creek.
5.3 To start, each yacht shall sail within two boatlengths of the starting mark, taking the starting mark down her starboard side, and shall take and record her starting time at the point when the imaginary line through her traveler crosses the starting mark.
5.4 The finishing mark shall be rounded or passed to starboard and will consist of the Red, White, and Blue 'Francis Scott Key' buoy just upstream of Key Bridge in the Patapsco river.
5.5 To finish, each yacht shall sail within two boatlenngths of the finishing mark, taking the finishing mark down her starboard side, and shall take and record her finishing time at the point in time when the imaginary line through her traveler crosses the finishing mark.
5.6 Skippers may choose any course they wish between the start and finish marks.
5.7 Skippers are responsible for recording their own start and finish times using GPS time. All start and finish times must be reported to the Organizing Authority by cell phone no later than 1600 on 7/11/2009.

6. Protests
6.1 Protests may or may not be heard or acted upon at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.
6.2 Protests must be reported by cell phone to the Organizing Authority by 1600 on 7/11/2009. The Organizing Authority will direct any protesting boat as to when and where to file, and when and if any hearing will be held.

7. Penalty System
7.1 Per RRS 4.1, A boat that may have broken a rule of Part 2 while racing MUST take a scoring penalty.
7.2 RRS 44.3 (c) is replaced with: "The race score for a boat that takes a scoring penalty shall be":
(a) At the time of the incident, by taking a 20% scoring penalty calculated as a percentage of her elapsed time and filing an acknowledgement with the Organizing Authority within the protest time limit.
(b) After racing and before the start of a protest hearing involving the incident, by taking a 40% penalty calculated as a percentage of her elapsed time.
However, if the boat caused serious damages or gained a significant advantage in the race by her breach she shall retire."

9. Scoring
9.1 Scores will be calculated using the elapsed times as reported by the participating skippers.
9.2 Boats will be ranked in the order of their elapsed times with the shortest being the winner.

10. Prizes
10.1 Prizes will be awarded separately in each class. A prize of some kind will be awarded to ALL participating boats.

John Bergquist
Racing Commodore
Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One Design Association

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Ted Osius Regatta

A beautiful late spring day greeted the 6 Albergs who showed up for the 2009 Ted Osius regatta on Sunday. In the beginning, it was not totally clear that there was going to be good breeze and the race committee postponed the first start, but once racing got underway, we were blessed with an excellent southerly at 8-12 knots and perfect racing conditions. Two races were sailed in a relatively steady breeze. There was a pretty strong ebb current during race 1 which gradually abated over the course of the day. TC Williams put on a clinic, leading both races from wire to wire and honestly he pretty much did a horizon job on the rest of us. Full results are reproduced below. Note that the finishing order was exactly the same for both race 1 and race 2. Congratulations to TC Williams on the convincing regatta win!

A couple of things I would like to highlight in addition to the racing. First, Jonathan Adams was pulled away at the last minute because of a death in his family. I am sure that I speak for everyone in offering condolences to him, his wife, and his family. We missed you out there on Sunday Jonathan, and I hope that you all are doing okay. I am sure it is difficult.

Second, I want to highlight Mike Meinhold for putting together a team to come out and participate in this race. Mike has a lot of experience racing with me as a bow crew, but I believe this is only his 2nd or 3rd race as a skipper. He did a great job of getting around the course, and I hope that we will see more of Mike out there on the race course.

Third, I want to highlight the party that SCC puts on Sunday for this regatta. I believe that TC and I were the only people from our fleet who attended the party (I did not arrive until very late). I spoke with Mrs. Osius-Zimmerman at the party and she was very nice to me, but lamented the fact that not more of the Albergers make the effort to come to the party. In particular, she said that she wished that Harry would come to the party as she said that she has not seen him in many years and would like to catch up. So Harry I hope you will consider going next year. I was ashamed to admit to her that of the 5 times I have done this regatta, this was the first time that I had attended. I think it's important for us to keep in mind that Ted Osius was an Alberger and that we should try and make an effort to attend the party. I hope that those of you who did not attend this year will try and put it on your schedule to attend not only the sailing, but also the party afterwards in the future. I think it is a nice gesture for us to say 'thanks' to Mrs. Osius-Zimmerman for hosting the event.

Fourth, I want to highlight the Luce Creek Cruise which was hosted by Vicki Lathom on Saturday before racing. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, I was unable to attend because of an emergency boat mishap. However, Mike M attended and it sounds like it was a great party. I think that having a Luce Creek Cruise the same weekend as the Osius regatta is an excellent opportunity for Magothy boats to come down and split their travel time up so that they don't have to come all the way from the Magothy on the day of racing. It's also a great chance for everybody to socialize together. I want to thank Vicki for hosting this crusie, and I hope that she will host it again on the Osius weekend next year.

Finally, I got a couple pix from my boat to share with y'all. Sorry, no pix of the fleet, although in pic #2 you can just make out Harry and Lanny in front of me :-(

Despite our obvious focus, we still managed to be relatively slow...

We were lucky to have an excellent bow and mast crew! I think the main problem with boatspeed was that the nut on the end of the tiller needed adjustment...

Overall Results:

Pos Sail Boat Skipper 1 2 Total
1 247 Argo Williams, T.C. 1 1 2.00 1
2 244 LinGin Williams, Tim 2 2 4.00 2
3 562 Windswept Helms, Lanny 3 3 6.00 3
4 484 Second-2-Nun Gamber, Harold 4 4 8.00 4
5 287 Calliope Bergquist, John 5 5 10.00 5
6 272 Rinn Duin Meinhold, Michael 6 6 12.00 6
7 197 Laughing Gull Adams, Jonathan 8/DNC 8/DNC 16.00 7

Sunday, June 7, 2009

WNR Race 6

Another week of no racing. :(

An impending thunderstorm coupled with light air caused the race committee to cancel the race. After watching the storm roll in later in the evening (and recalling the epic storms last year), I think it was probably the right call.

Next week here we come!