Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miles River Race

From St. Michaels 2009
The Annapolis to Miles River Race turned out to be a beautiful day for sailing.  A nice ~10 kts. out of the south stayed steady all day and the current was with us down the bay.

We had four Albergs out on the line: Argo, Windswept, Laughing Gull and LinGin.

One thing that was key in this race was to recognize that the current was pretty strong and it was sweeping us over the starting line.  Unfortunately for T.C. Williams and Argo, they were victims of this and wound up OCS (On Course Side) and had to loop back around (against the current) and start over.

Once started, we all headed for the deep water in the channel and worked our way down the bay.  I've race enough against these guys to know not to give them an opening, so our goal on LinGin was to do our best to stay in the deep water while keeping near the fleet so they couldn't get any leverage on us and slip by.

We were successful in doing this, but there was a moment of great concern that took place as we rounded Bloody Point and headed up into Eastern Bay.  We knew we need to sail 75° to get to the first red mark we had to honor and I looked a my digital compass (TackTick) and it showed 75°, but oddly enough only one J30 ahead of us was going the same direction.  I looked up ahead there appeared to be a mark where we were headed.  Why was the rest of the fleet heading much higher than us?  Didn't they have the same course?  Scramble...scramble...check race particulars...yes, they did have the same course here...note that Argo is now around and heading toward everyone else....!!!  We decided that the wisdom of the crowds was at work and headed up with everyone else.  Shortly thereafter the J30 did the same.  

A little while later, I recognized the problem.  Somehow we had changed the mode of the TackTick to "Tactics", which changes the information it shows.  Coincidentially the number it happened to show was the number I was expecting to see.  Luckily we figured it out before anyone passed us. 

From that point, it was more of the same: keep in front of the guys behind us and don't make any mistakes.  Thankfully we had a smooth spinnaker set and take down as well as a good mark rounding. 

We were happy to take the gun.  Next year, we need more A30's out there.  It's a fabulous race and the post race party and facilities in St. Michaels are great.  I highly reocmmend it to everyone.

I can't seem to figure out the link to the results.  You can get to them at CBYRA's website and clicking on "Results".  Here are the A30 results.

Division: Alberg30 (4 boats) (top)

Pos Sail Boat Skipper 1 Total
1 244 LinGin Tim Williams 1 1.00 1
2 247 Argo T.C. Williams 2 2.00 2
3 562 Windswept Lanny Helms 3 3.00 3
4 197 Laughing Gull Jonathan Adams 4 4.00 4


(1) Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2005-2008

LinGin #244


  1. Tim-

    Great report. Love the picture of David. Thanks for taking the time to write it up, and congrats on the win!


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