Sunday, January 13, 2019

February 2019 Seminars

This is all in the Mainsheet for December, but I just want to put it out here as this may be easier for folks to get to.

February 2 – A30 Specific Topics

  • Long Range Planning Committee report and discussion
  • Cruising Schedule
  • Specific A30 Maintenance topics
  • A30 Bones – Salvage/Inventory plan for A30 parts
  • Kids’ Network

February 9 – Racing

  • 2019 A30 Schedule
  • Panel discussion of rules, tactics and sail trim

February 16 – Some Bay History

  • History of the Emma Giles Steamboat (popular side-wheel passenger steamer)
  • Environmental Topics

February 23 – Maintenance

  • Marine Technology Course in AA County School System (CAT – South)
  • A marine surveyor’s perspective
All of these are at PSA.


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