Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 Annapolis NOOD Regatta

The racing season is about to begin!

Six boats are registered for the 2018 Annapolis NOOD Regatta: Argo, Constance, Latika, Laughing Gull, Second-2-None, and Windswept.  The field is a bit smaller this year due to one skipper having to attend his daughter's graduation from college, another skipper delayed in boat prep due to the unseasonably cold months of March and April, and another boat in the midst of a repair.  

Nonetheless, the Albergs will race in this the 30th edition of Annapolis NOOD Regatta.  Due to fewer boats registered, six this year vs nine last year, they competition may be fierce.  Committed racers have been making sure that they have ride.  Each skipper will be bringing their A team.  Might be needed.  Last year, winds blew quite strongly, making the skipper forego the use of spinnakers on some of the downwind legs.  Given the unusual weather patterns so far this year, its anyone's guess as the weather we will encounter.

Less than 14 days to go!


  1. Here are the official scores from 3 days of racing this past weekend.

    NOTE: 8 races were scored, but the A30's did not race in #5

    NOTE : Many thanks to Jonathan Bresler !! He paid to enter #262 Constance in order to bring our numbers to the required 6, but did not race her.

    Congratulations to Lanny Helms and the crew of Windswept for a very fine series.
    The racing was close, with bullets taken by 4 of 6 racers.

    A more detailed report will follow

    2018 Annapolis NOOD Alberg 30 Results
    # Name Skipper TOTAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    562 Windswept Helms 10 1 1 2 2 x 1 2 1
    11 Latika Woodford 18 2 3 3 3 x 2 1 4
    197 Laughing Gull Adams 20 3 2 1 1 x 3 5 5
    247 Argo Williams 30 4 4 7 4 x 5 4 2
    484 Second-2-Nun Gamber 32 5 5 4 5 x 5 3 5

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