Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Racing Schdule

While its winter outside with Annapolis temperatures in the 30's, CBYRA, the clubs and the fleets have been active preparing for the upcoming racing season.  CBYRA will hold a meeting this Saturday, January 16th, to set the racing schedule for the Chesapeake Bay.  While the schedule will not be set in stone this week, it is time to settle on the races in which the Association will take part this year.   Without further ado, the tentative 2016 racing schedule, with other activities added to minimize the need to check multiple sources, is

02/13               Racing Seminar with Racing Tips & Secrets by Towney Townshend at the Eastport Library
03/21               CBYRA Green Book published
04/29 - 05/01   Sailing World NOOD Regatta
05/07               Spring Rendezvous at Bay Ridge Clubhouse
05/14               Spring Regatta, Gibson Island Yacht Squadron (GIYS) (non-High Point)
05/15               Spring Classic, Magothy River Sailing Assoc. (MRSA) (non-High Point)
05/28               Annapolis to Miles River, Miles River Yacht Club (MYRC) 
06/04 - 06/05   Children's Cruise, Rhode River
06/11               Moonlight Race, Potapskut Sailing Assoc. (PSA)
06/24 - 06/26   Syronelle Regatta, Great Lakes Alberg Assoc. (GLCC)
06/26               Ted Osius Memorial Race, Sailing Club of the Chesapeake (SCC)
07/09               Boomerang Race, Eastport Yacht Club (EYC)
09/10               Race to Oxford, Naval Academy Sailing Squadron (NASS)
09/11               Hammond Memorial Race, Tred Avon Yacht Club (TAYC)
09/17 - 09/18   Bruce Rankin Memorial Regatta  
09/24               Race to Rock HallPotapskut Sailing Assoc. (PSA)
09/25               Rock Hall Race BackPotapskut Sailing Assoc. (PSA)
10/01               Fall Rendezvous
10/01 - 10/09  Fall Cruise
10/22               Football Cruise (Tentative)


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