Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Ted Osius Memorial Regatta

I brought Rinn Duin down from the Magothy Friday night, dodging thunderstorms on my way to Lake Ogleton. In the morning I met my crew of coworkers Dustin Whipple and Tin-Guen Yen, A30 Secretary Rachel and her friend and 470 sailer Tori Graw. We set out early for a few hours of practice before checking in at R2 at 1100.

The race committee set up a 4 leg, 1 mile windward/leeward course in a light to moderate southerly and got started promptly on schedule, with the Albergs the 4th of 5 starts.

I had a poor start. We planned to come in from the left and tack to starboard on the best hole we could find, but I overpredicted our boat speed, and we crossed way last. We made pretty good time upwind . We crossed Second-2-Nun and Harry had to duck us, though he got well ahead of by the first mark rounding. We rounding in 5th place, having picked up Laughing Gull and Skybird. Then our lack of experience really started to show as the chute went up with a twist, and we struggled to get moving downwind. Jonathan took advantage of this and Laughing Gull moved up and passed us. Our foresail woes continued at the leeward mark with a halyard wrap that slowed our jib hoist, difficulty dousing the chute and then the topping lift lost up the mast!

By the time we got good close-hauled boat speed, Skybird had taken over 6th place. Mike Nikolich sailed both dowind legs without a chute. The wind had shifted westerly by this time, so had a single reach to the mark. We seemed to gain on Skybird but couldn't get close to catching her. The committee waited for us to cross, then canceled the second race due to predictions of thunderstorms.

The results below show that Tim was well out in front, but that the battle for 2nd was intense, with Windswept, Second-2-Nun and Argo all finishing within 25 seconds of each other.

Thanks to my crew for hanging in there despite our troubles. Dustin had only done foredeck once before, and was able to fix things once we figured out what went wrong. Just getting out there and around the race course is an accomplishment!

We could not make it to the race party on Sunday due to family obligations. I would be glad to hear any reports on the party, other views of the race, or any pictures from either.


Official Results of the 2010 Ted Osius Memorial Regatta from :

Pos Sail Boat Skipper Finish Delta
1 244 LinGin Tim Williams 14:11:23.0 0:00
2 562 Windswept Lanny Helms 14:16:09.0 4:46
3 484 Second-2-Nun Harold Gamber 14:16:23.0 0:14
4 247 Argo T.C. Williams 14:16:34.0 0:11
5 197 Laughing Gull Jonathan Adams 14:22:46.0 6:12
6 550 SKYBIRD Mike Nikolich 14:25:23.0 2:37
7 272 Rinn Duin Michael Meinhold 14:26:27.0 1:04

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